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“The Fountain Of Youth”

Maintaining a youthful appearance and energy level into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond is now a reality.


The Facts are in, staying fit means a stronger immune system, greater energy and strength, less stress and stress related diseases and much, much more…..

In this our 21st century, living to 100..… will be attainable for most of us.

Did you know, there are more centenarians now per capita than any other time in history.

Science is discovering more and more ways to help people live longer lives. The most exciting news is with regular exercise and good nutrition we can maintain a youthful appearance and energy level throughout our lives.

Studies have shown, our bodies…..on a cellular level, are capable of living well over 150 years.

– How do you want to live the remaining years of your life –

What will the 21st Century have to offer you, your options and, what are you willing to do.

Let’s learn simple solutions, what really works today with our new life styles.

Our society today is living unlike any other time in history – giving us more ways to live longer lives and yet not educating our children and their parents, until recently – on what are the basics nutritionally and physically to keep fitness in your lives for the best and rest of your life no matter what your age.

Baby Boomers and all those individuals born during and prior to World War 2, are the ones that will suffer the most in the years ahead of us. Unless you are one of those taking back your life and realizing, no one is going to come to your door and say, by the way we made a lot of changes in how we live and oh yes those same foods your mother and grandmother ate, their not the same. They have been genetically altered and you have been the “genie pigs”, test group if you will, and we found out some things you really ought to know.

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Our President and CEO has lived fitness for over 50 years. He brings his experience in nutrition, coaching/training and nutritional guidance to both men and women into their 90,s and as young as 7 years of age.

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Are you living on Energy Drinks!


The post below is a Fitness is your Life Blog from 2012 (The blog has been discontinued). The article is just as relevant today and we feel the responsibility is ours to enlighten our visitors once again.

Are you living on Energy Drinks!

This is a subject too many people are experiencing and not realizing the potential health problems.

If your day includes energy drinks, your diet is not unlike millions of Americans in today’s society. Everyone is trying so hard to do everything they can to find their way through this fast paced time of ours eating properly is too often not even an option.

Energy drinks have slowly worked their way into our lives. It’s been happening over the last 25 years.

ENERGY DRINKS – Here in lies the dilemma. Sugar, caffeine and many other substances when used at times can be beneficial and give us energy, and allow you to feel better, have greater clarity, and be more alert and able to do things we would not normally be able to do for much longer periods of time.

Unfortunately, it’s the human condition, if it feels good take more – Some people are prone to addiction or habitual activity and or others are not aware of the consequences of long term use. It doesn’t make you a bad person but it can create health problems you may be unaware of as you fall into the trap – more is better. How can it be bad, people sell it, it’s not illegal!


There are plenty of studies you can read that document the facts, pros & cons. Here are the results I found:

• Habit Forming – Daily use of energy drinks becomes habit-forming. Not because the drink contents are addicting, it’s the extra energy derived from and perception it’s OK. The amount of other liquids (Water, etc.) lessens and you become dehydrated. The contents of the drink in addition to other substances you mix with the drink can cause dehydration over long periods of time such as alcohol. As you continue daily use you can’t help but want to drink more fluid with continued cravings for more liquids – so why not take another energy drink!

• Age Faster – When you eat or drink stimulants your heart speeds up blood flow lessens to capillaries, those small vessel located along the portion of the skin located just under the surface, as blood vessels constrict, decreasing extended circulation to some parts of your body and with long-term use it can hasten wrinkles. Hair loose and most of the natural aging processes speed up – it’s insidious (It happens so slowly it’s imperceptible, you can’t see it happen day-to-day.), and long-term use can create those and even more problems.

• Low in Nutritional Value – When you rely on your energy from energy drinks you lose your desire and hunger for real food limiting the nutrients available to your body throughout the day.

• Minimal Vitamin’s – Energy drinks have a minimum of vitamins and little or no food value.

• Cravings/Missing Meals – When you don’t eat food, (Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are non-foods – having no nutritional value – in fact these foods overload the pancreas by causing it to overproduce insulin (Try mixing three of them and you have some real problems (Such as Coffee, donut and a cigarette as many people still do.) – producing too much insulin your blood sugar levels deplete and you begin to have cravings by mid-morning again in mid-afternoon and then evening you find yourself eating foods with too much sugar as you try to relieve the craving, until you’re too tired to eat any more and then you try to sleep.

• Loss of Sleep – Sleep is disturbed during the night as the body tries to use up all the sugar, caffeine, taurine and foods/or sweets taken in before bed. This leaves you even more tired than the day before (Remember your body needs between 300 and 500 calories, approximately just to keep your heart and other organs working through the night.). You then reach for, that’s right, another energy drink and it starts all over again. Substituting the drink for food then missing and becoming sleep deprived. By the way we build up our immune system and repair the body during deep sleep and without it the aging process is hastened eventually concentration ability starts to go down, irritability goes up.


• Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks – There are benefits to energy drinks. Taurine and Caffeine among other substances in energy drinks can and will help you to focus and give you additional energy and if you can limit yourself to one or two energy drinks and eating a normal diet and getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night, then more power to you. Yes you can get the energy drink benefits, eat healthy and have a good long life. – you just need to be aware of the potential problems and limit your intake and not making it a habit. How many people do you know that can take a good thing and not abuse it – Good luck with it – remember one or two once in a while.

OK that’s it for now.

We look forward to hearing from you on this and any other article.

All the information contained in this article and references to energy drinks can be found on the internet and will be made available to you by sending a request to;

The “Fitness is your Life.com”. Energy Drink references, by way of a question on this subject.

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Denny Holmes, President/CEO, Fitness is your Life and Fitnessisyourlife.com.

Denny has been featured in or written articles for: 

  • Muscle & Fitness
  • People Magazine
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  • The Los Angeles Times
  • City Sports of San Francisco.
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • Sports Talk, KNBR radio, SF, CA.
  • Cliff Wells, Nutrition today, TV show, SF, CA.
  • TV News Stations, San Francisco, CA Channels 2, 4, 5 & 7 (Denny is speaking on Bodybuilding and physical fitness.).
  • “Pumping Iron” movie (Denny’s gym & name appear in credits (Denny’s first Building show he produced is part of the movie.).

 In the Fitness Industry as: 

  • Author (“Secrets of Weight Training & Nutrition”.).
  • Fitness Club Owner, “Denny’s “The Boddy Shoppe”, SF, CA)
  •  Strength & Conditioning Coach (Sports Specific, i.e., Football, Wrestling, etc..).
  • Fitness Product Design Engineer & Manufacturing Director of Nationally & Internationally distributed Products.
  •  Fitness Expert & Manufacturing Mgr. in the Infomercial Industry – 2 consecutive years with a No.1 Selling Fitness Products.
  • Consultant; University of Florida Gators, training facilities. Denny worked with strength coach on facilities strength products.
  • High School Wrestling Coach (South San Francisco High School).

Seminars and Presentations given: 

86 hp semn

“Fitness In The Work Place”
“The ABC’s of Fitness”
“Fit for Golf”
“Fitness is your Life”
Denny has been giving seminars to fortune 100 companies and academic institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, CA., and  throughout California for over 35 years.

Trophies & Awards:

Capture 5712

  • Mr. Iron Man 1st place (AAU)
  • Mr. California, 3rd place, winner of “Best Ab’s” (AAU)
  • Mr. California, 2nd place (IFBB)
  • Mr. Western America 5th place (AAU)
  • Mr. America 9th place (AAU)
  • Denny was given the “Certificate of Merit Award” from the IFBB, (Internal Federation of Bodybuilder’s.), for uniting the AAU with the IFBB and received a letter of recognition and thanks from the Senior Board of the  AAU. His actions allowed both AAU & IFBB contestants/members to compete in contests that were dual sanctioned by each organization from that day forward.

Denny produced & Directed 5 major Bodybuilding Shows – Each show had the top stars of the day. The first show in 1975, is shown below.

1976 Mr.SanFrancisco    & Mr. West Coast   Filmed in:  Pumping Iron Movie

1975 Mr. San Francisco & Mr. West Coast
Filmed in:
Pumping Iron Movie

Guest poser list:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jack LaLann
  • Jimmy Payne
  • Franco Columbu
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Ed Corney
  • Ken Waller
  • Sergio Oliva
  • Kal Szkalak
  • Lee Labrada
  • Janice Reagan
  • Roby Robinson

Arnold…….. trained at my gym when he was in San Francisco and did so much for me and the young group of men and women at the gym, many were still in high school, and of course  no one ever did more for the popularity of bodybuilding.  

Arnold and I had similar experiences as young men and bodybuilding was the tool we used to build our bodies to help us compete in our lives. Anyone that has competed nationally has had to go through the planning and the fortitude, day after day to produce a body  to make it to that level of competition, as it does in any sport at that level.  But much more than that bodybuilding developed our character, compasion and perseverance which took Arnold to the notoriety and success that few men in history have ever had. It took me places I never dreamed possible.

Thank you Arnold.

My mission has been and continues to be a forum for individuals wanting true, tried and tested facts about how one goes about becoming truly fit (Nutritionally, physically and mentally.). Including, developing habits on how to continue to be fit with techniques I have used for all the years I have had the pleasure of coaching and training. Most importantly watching those individuals change their lives  and find themselves as they then build incredible lives.

This website, “Fitness is your Life” is dedicated to all of the men and women who helped me in so many ways along the way. All the bodybuilders that were my inspiration during my formative years, also all those I worked with, students, athletes, doctors, nutritionists, scientists, manufacturers, and professionals in every walk of life that allowed me into their lives. I hope that I can do a service for each of them in bringing all the valuable information they gave so freely and pass it along in the years ahead. 

A special thank you to all of you who have seen me 20, 30 and 40 years later and let me know how much it meant  to have someone give them something they were able to use and motivate them to build a life they never thought possible – I have loved you all and you have given me a gift every coach dreams of – helping men and women change their lives for the better.