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  1. Jim Anderson

    Hi Denny,

    This is Jim. Back in 1974-75 We worked out together after hours with Ed Corney and the blond kid, and I was 19, and from Pacifica. We also drove down to LA for a BB show and you got me back stage passes. We drove down in a black car. I went down to San Diego to play football instead of body building. I have worked out a little over the years and even been a trainer at Gold’s Gym- Marin when Ode owned it. I now live in Marin, and would love to talk to you about you, and also my training.



  2. denny Post author

    I was in the Mr. America that year.

    My most vivid memory is staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel on the 4th floor and watching the parade go by the morning of the show and seeing Ken Waller yelling hey Denny its me riding on the back of an elephant – in his posing trunks. Ken and I were great friends and only Kenny could do something like that – Kenny had an extra room he kept for me when I went down to LA. I had a gym called Denny’s “The Boddy Shoppe” and when the guys from Golds were in San Francisco you could find them at my gym – we had some great times. If your on this site you could see that I was a big part of Bodybuilding during the 70’s – In 77 Dave Johns won that Mr. America and the year before Kal Skalak won the 76 America – In the 76 Mr. California I took 3rd behind Dave and Kal and won best abs..

    Sorry for the delay in responding – we are just now catching up to the response on this site – I have some great products coming out. I am also a Mechanical Engineer and have over 40 patents – I have been designing health equipment since my gym days.

    You will be able to see some great never before seen pictures of all the stars in the months to come on this site.

    Always best regards,

  3. Dennis Bettencourt

    Hey Denny,

    Good to see a some what recent post. I’ve been checking this site hoping to make contact. I’m still in San Francisco, still taking pictures (though not as much). I see Mr Borelli all the time.

    Glad your still going strong,


    1. denny Post author

      Dennis, great to hear from you – would love to get together with you and Roy my next time up to the Bay Area – please say hello for me.

      I will email you with my number and email and we can set up a date – I have four grandchildren now 13 to 23. I am so blessed with my life think of you and all my friends often who helped me make it through this incredible life I have had the please to live.

      The very best to you always,



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